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Semi Automatic Shrink Wrapper GPK-6030

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This type machine is used for packing products with or without a trays; also suitable for shrink wrapping products such as electric appliance, auto spares, furniture, floor board etc.

Technical features

GPK-6030+GPK-6035 is a highly economic machine you can push the product through manually or pneumatically sealing the package which enters the tunnel automatically, it uses PE film to pack products.

Basic parts

  • GPK-6030 Has a specially designed sealing cutter , resulting in a perfect sealing line, avoids the film from sticking to the cutter.
  • The covered cylinder setting enhances the convenience for the operator, with a rear pressing device assures that very light products do not shift while sealing.
  • The front frame is adjustable according to different product sizes.
  • GPK-6035 has double imported blowing motors assure the hot air inside the tunnel is consistently even, making the shrinking effect more compact.
  • Solid steel roller covered with silicone gel pipe or chain conveying or durable silicone gel.
  • The conveying speed is controlled by transducer, stepless.
  • The short shrink tunnel lowers the power consumption and assure the shrink effect.

Technical Specification

Model GPK-6030
Machine dimensions LxWxH (mm) 13709201800
Machine packing size LxWxH (mm) <700
Sealing cutter size/Tunnel size LxWxH (mm) 700
Infeed conveyor height (mm) 850 +/-50
Sealing temperature/shrink temperature 0-200?
Packing speed (pcs/min 0-12
Netweight (kg) 390
Power (kw) 1.5
Power supply 3220V/380V 50/60Hz
Air pressure 6
Film used PE, PVC

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