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Automatic Heap Shrink Wrapper GPK-6030AE

Shrink Wrapper and Heat Tunnel > Automatic Heap Sorting, Sleeve Sealing & Heat Shrinking


Scope of Application

It is applicable to for automatically stacking and the shrink wrapping it. Especially handy for stacking cigarette cartons in different shape and in multilayer.

Technical features

GPK-6030AE is suitable for shrinking wrapping without tray in which to pack such various boxes collected as single row/double rows/four rows and in multilayer. It integrates the double function in tidying and heaping automatically to increase the efficiency. The product looks neat, compact and uniform.

Basic configuration

  • GPK-6030AE can be supplied to the wrapper in a straight feed or side feed to meet different requirements.
  • According to different requirements in production, it can automatically package in heap layers of /4layers/3layers/2layer or in multi-rows, no need for additional mould. Controlled by PLC Program Logical controller to carry out integrative of mechanism/electricity/pneumatically.
  • Special design in sealing blade; the seal is firm, no crack and will not stick to the blade.
  • Photo electrical system to pitch location exactly.
  • The heat tunnel has 2 double blowing motors to keep air dissipated evenly in the tunnel, so to achieve better effect after shrinking.
  • Cycle structure which the flowing of air can be adjustable for more power saving.
  • Choose between solid steel roller coved silicone gel pipe or chain conveying.
  • The system controlling the conveying speed is step-less by frequency inverter.

Technical Specification

Model GPK-6030AE
Machine dimensions LxWxH (mm) 136021201900
Machine packing size LxWxH (mm) <700
Sealing cutter size/Tunnel size LxWxH (mm) 700
Infeed conveyor height (mm) 850 +/-50/1500
Sealing temperature/shrink temperature 0-200
Packing speed (pcs/min) 8-15
Net weight (kg) 380
Power (kw) 2
Power supply 220V/380V 50/60Hz
Air pressure 6.0
Film used PE, PVC

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