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ALF Pre-made pouch

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Model No: Alf-8BT / 8BT-ZS (Rotary filling and sealing machine for premade pouches)


Powder products - (auger system)
Granule products - (volumetric or scale)
Liquid products - (piston or rotary pump)
Paste products - (spiral pump or rotary pump)

Pouch feeding conveyor picks up the pouch
Date coder and zipper opening devise (optional)
Opens the bottom of pouch for self standing pouch
Pouch top opening
First filling position (optional)
Second sealing position (cold seal) and outfeed conveyor

Model No: 8BT-ZS (Rotary filling and sealing machine for premade pouches)

Standard machine
Bag magazine
Bag opening blade with full opening detector
P.I.D temperature controller
Stainless steel construction
Graphic colour touch panel
Discharge conveyor

Intermittent rotary machine with 8 stations, is designed for handling Pre-made pouches such as flat and stand up pouches
Touch screen operation, Fault indication on the touch screen
Hygienic construction and easy cleaning , Integration of different filling devises, Simple integration of peripheral equipment

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