Automatic1000 LPH Carbonation system

The product is delivered direct from the storage tank to the stainless-steel receiver vessel which contains pump level management systems.

The product is then pumped from this vessel via the progressive cavity pump system, this ensures continues pressure. The product is then received in the carbonating pressure vessel, this vessel contains its own level control system.

Product temperature is closely monitored by its own controller which changes CO2 volumes according to the temperature change. This gives continuity of C02 within the product if a change of temperature occurs.

Before and during carbonation, de. Aeration takes place, removing any air/oxygen contained in the product.

Pressure vessel manufactured to standard and 3rd party inspected


Mixing Volume Ratio 3.5 ~3.8
Mixing Proportion 3:1 to 6:1
Mixture Precision ≤1.5%
Pressure of Compressed air(MPa) 0.6-1
Compressed Air Consumption(m3/h) 4
Pressure of CO² (MPa) 0.8-1
CO² Consumption(m³/h) 3.5
Pressure of Purified Water(MPa) 0.1-0.2
Mixing Temperature(c) <4
Power Consumption (kw) 2
Dimension(L×W×H)(mm) 00
Net Weight(kg) 1200
C02 Volume Can be adjusted via the regulating valve